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.:Friday, October 24, 2003:.
Hey you guys..I had I nice normal day...but I it snowed!!!...:) it's snowing at this time of the year>???..that's weird..but it means that we'll have a strong winter hopefully with a lot of nice thick snow!!! i went to school...like everyone else heheh a couple a friends we to my place after school..we watched a movie and then Robert came...we had a nice time together...he's a sweetheart!!! and my mom likes him a lot!! that's gotta be good right???...okay i'll better go now..it's kinda of late and tomorrow it's gonna be a log day....Destination: SixFlags Holland!!...I have to find a costume for the halloween party!! aahhh god!!!...okay guys love you...bye!!
juli: tiamo!!!...escribeme!!

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