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.:Sunday, November 16, 2003:.
Fukn what the fuck was coke thinking when they came out with new coke in the 80’s? I was watching that shit on vh1 crazy 80’s or whatever the shit that show is called, and you know, it’s scary how well I remember it, I mean, that was a scandal that was a controversy that was just people going OFF that corporate America in their ignorance and greed had taken away one of the symbolisms of pop culture slavery by shoving this piece of shit down our throat at breakneck speed like that. and have you noticed the lasting effects? Hmm, have you? for those youngens in the crowd you might not remember the days when your can of coke didn’t necessarily say coca-cola “classic� on it, but that’s only been there since this new coke shit went down in 86, ferreal. Before that it was just coke, but I mean, people went apeshit, so they had coke “classic� as well and whoop bam before you know it, oh shit, where’s new coke? Gone the way of the tyrannosaurus rex, and good riddance if you ask me, but WHY of fucking WHY do they still have to call it Coca-Cola Classic? This bothers me.

Almost like when Doritos came out with a cheesier version of their nacho cheese flavor, called “nacho cheesier.� It was just supposed to be for those that wanted EXTRA cheese flavor on their Doritos, you know, and they had both versions for a little while, but you can’t find nacho cheese Doritos anymore can you? no, it’s just nacho cheesier? And “cooler� ranch. Those fuckers. I wonder if after that, since that time, they’ve been slowly but surely decreasing the amount of cheese and ranch flavor on those fuckers to get it back down to pre “cheesier� and “cooler� parameters, and then they’ll probably come out with like nacho “cheesiest� just to fuck with us, and we’ll think “oh, great, this is fukn GREAT�, but it’ll just be a big fukn conspiracy, and you know whut, I bet we won’t even care even if we find out, cuz we’re a bunch of fukn sheep that’s why.

The moral of this story is fuck Doritos & coke. And continue to buy their products, thus perpetuating the spirit of America. God bless it & you. aloha.


.:Lo wrote this at: 5:05 AM:.