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.:Saturday, November 29, 2003:.
I got it!!!....I was so happy when I saw it!!!!....And exited of course! I bought the CD without knowing any tracks...Just one, their first single(feeling this) which is AWESOME! I read a couple of articles on the internet about their new CD and they said this CD was very different than the old ones they used to make and their music has changed and developed over the past few years, a lot
and this is the final result!....(ooh...How would it be???)
..But I trusted them...And I knew this one would be as good as the others, I just knew it!!! And I was right!...I just listened a couple of songs and they are indeed pretty different, but...Not bad at all!!!....they still ROCK!!!
and like I always said: blink one eighty two is the shit and kicks ass!!! yyaahhoo!!!....
MI JULISSs... mi vida! se que en este momento no estas muy bien que digamos pero yo desde aqui te mando un besote grandisimo!! te adoro con todo mi colachon!!!...eres una persona super linda y la mucha gente no se ha dado cuenta de lo linda que eres!!...pobre gente la que no sabe lo que tiene hasta que lo pierde!!!...juli no te dejes caer!!! sigue adelante y si no les gusta a los otros pues que les den por CULO!!!... hehehe......mi china Don't worry and be happy!!!.....tiamo! byeee
annie me buscas las foticos!!!!...te extranio cantidades y tenemos que hacer paletas de chocolisto!! okay??? un besote!! todos se me cuidannn chau

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