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.:Friday, December 19, 2003:.
Hallousss..!!! I'm finally free!! Vacations!! I went to "The Lord Of The Rings" The Return Of the King...I really liked it!!!..It's a very beautiful movie..It really is! It has this amazing special effects! Really awesome! I almost cried, you get disconnected for 3 hours from the outer world and come into a new old world in the "middle East"with elves and Hobbits....It's cute!!!!I'm gonna find the books in English somewhere and buy them for myself!
Last day of school... Went into the workshops and made "self defense"...Learnt some Kickboxing, Takundo and yudo!uuhmm interesting!!!! and then saw some show in the gym...Went to Down Town Lekkerkerk and sent some cards..Bought some stuff at the grocery store and looked around...

El otro dia oi esta frase! y me acorde de tantas cosas...ejeje me gusta mucho!
"Hoy Desde Lekkerkerk Manana Desde Cualquier Lugar Del Mundo!!!"

no he leido la novena estos dias y ya ni ganas me dan...This is not Christmas for me!!! I'm feeling pretty weird this days...My Christmas spirit is gone...(It never came, I guess) but this is gonna be a pretty special holiday...It's not even holiday for me...oohh...I wish I could be in Colombia, I'm feeling more homesick everyday!It's not easy, It sucks!!! I have to be with my dad next year! I'm not leaving him alone again!..well It's getting late here...I'd better go and have a good night sleep...I love you guys bye! chau!!!!muakss

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