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.:Friday, January 09, 2004:.
uhm...Friday and I was wondering what my astros said about me( me gemini, june 2nd 1988) ... And I found pretty weird stuff, check it out: Your Horoscope for January 9 , 2004
The more traveling you do, the better. There is plenty of information to obtain if you put out your feelers. Opportunities will arise to form a relationship with someone influential.
Today's Lucky Numbers:
6, 13, 18, 26, 35, 44 Today's Star Rating: **** x
Today's Chinese Proverb:"Never write a letter while you are angry. "

Symbol: The Twins Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Air Cross/Quality: Mutable
Group: Emotional House Ruled: Third
Polarity: Positive Opposite Sign: Sagittarius (you better whatch out!!! haha)
Favorable Colors: Yellow Lucky Gem: Agate
Key Body Part: Arms,
Shoulders, Lungs Period: May 21-June 21


Basic Profile:
Productive, articulate, intelligent, curious, persuasive, witty, young, clever, cheerful, explorer, smooth, smart, convincing, amusing, gregarious, ingenious, but can be obstinate, can talk too much, tense, cunning, superficial, fickle, shallow, inconsistent, superficial, irritating and irritable

Famous Geminis:
Allen Ginsburg, William Butler Yeats, Che Guevara, Sandra Bernhard, Miles Davis, Norman Vincent Peale, Frank Lloyd Wright, Anne Frank, Thomas Hardy, Queen Victoria, Michael J. Fox, Bill Moyers, Alanis Morissette, Clint Eastwood, Joe Namath, Bob Dylan, Bob Hope, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy

these one really gave me the crips....wwooww.. huh?
Si no estas seguro de c?mo te sientes o donde quieres que vaya una relaci?n personal, busca los sentimientos mas profundos hacia esa persona y mira como ellos encajan en tus planes de futuro de largo plazo. Esta noche es el mejor momento para pensar en ello. Viajar fuera de la ciudad esta favorecido este fin de semana, porque tienes chance de hacer nuevos descubrimientos en un viaje navide?o.


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