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.:Wednesday, March 31, 2004:.
uhmm don't really know how to begin... This afternoon on my way to the gym, on the bus stop...I met a couple of Chinese, they wanted to ask me if the bus I was gonna take would take them to Rotterdam. I felt pretty confident talking in English again, I haven't done it in a while, but it's time a go back, otherwise I'll forget the language..And that'll suck!! Talking about languages... pfpfss.. I just got 2 D on German!!! marik me eche aleman!!!! And I was doing so well!! But suddenly ppuff!! It all just became shit! (like Berlin's wall! hehe) That didn't feel good, let me tell you...
I guess that's just a little message from somewhere, that's telling me to stay where I am now....And don't go any further...I have no idea if it would be the good one. I just hope I'll make the right decition.
A friend of mine is flying this weekend to Colombia, she's coming tomorrow to pick up some stuff, I really wanted to buy some little presents for you guys, but I'm damn broke!! no cash!! nothing! and I really need to quit giving out money, otherwise I'd better forget my trip to Col in the summer, and that can't happen, it just can't!
I'm gonna finish some letters, that's the only thing I can send to you. It's cheap and it doesn't weight that much...so it's prefect!!!
Holland is playing a soccer game against France....It's 0-0...
well I better go to bed now. I'll finish my letters upstairs in my nice little cozy bed!...
I love you guys more than ever!! There're no words to describe how much I appreciate you guys checking my site!! I just love it!!


.:Lo wrote this at: 3:51 PM:.