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.:Monday, April 12, 2004:.
Look and feel shitty, bloody stomach and head ache... And the worse of all a soar throat... So don't think I'll be going to Martins Birthday Drink :o( He should have a good time though :o)

Martin:Sorry Dude, I know it'll be hard to have fun without me, but I'm sure you could do it, lol.
Drink een biertje of cocktail op mij eh??

Riiight - - Happy Easter people I forgot about that today (or this days) is Easter that explains the low volume of traffic on the streets this morning ect and even now today is suppose to be like 78 degrees LOL in Holland that's nuts, is gooood!!

Being as it was (or it still is...?) Easter weekend, I spent some time studying my faith more. It is hard for me to reconcile the fact I think much of the Bible is hooey vs. My personal beliefs that Jesus was God and that there is a God up there. I suppose people think it is an all or nothing thing when it comes to religion, but I think we need to all develop something that works for us. No one knows what happens when we die, despite what any religion or science will tell you. Anyone who claims to know they do, is an idiot. All you can have is faith that something will happen after you die, or faith in science that nothing happens when you die. I just believe there's a something up there somewhere that somehow made this happen.

Moving to a country as free as the Netherlands was a pretty big shock, I haven't been in a church for quite a long time and my relationship with God (or whoever is up there listening to me) has changed a lot since I moved here...
I'm seeing all this Easter-thing from a very different prospective now a days. I sill have some contac with the guy upstairs...but in a different way I guess. I'm not longer getting distracted by others...(like family/friends/school). In spite that I grew up in a Roman/Catholic country and went to a catholic school...and I always had a society that always told me what was right and wrong...I don't know I just think very different than the way I used to do... I've seen what a needed to see, and now I believe that is not enough to go to church every Sunday, have "Christ's body and blood" in form of a cookie and not even listen to what the father or pope or the guy reads, cos most of the time you have no idea of what he said... That's not a relation with the "boss" I don't know...you just have to decide and talk to him... and he'll just listen. I guess...

this is a very long topic to go through, and I don't wanna be boring, and annoy you guys..so I'll just shut up now...ok? please write to me! and tell me what you think!
I want comments. I want to read sometimes, not always write. Want, want. Read, read.

I think that's all for now.
Julie: love you!! que felicidad haber podido hablarte esta tarde! you made my day girl!!
despues de este banito un rico yoguhrtsito!! muah tiamo!

I just made a quiz..hehe.. "What kinda girlfriend are you?" ahah..
this were my results:
You Are A Professional Girlfriend!
You are the perfect girlfriend - big surprise!
Heaven knows you've had enough practice. That's why you're a total pro.
If there was an Emily Post of girlfriends, it would be you.
You know how to act in every situation ... to make both you and your guy happy.
Pretty good right?? .... :D
Well, that's all for now folks.. I'll talk to you guys soon! doei!

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