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.:Thursday, April 29, 2004:.
Hey everyone. We are leaving for our trip tomorrow. I still havent even packed. Oh well. Im just going to put everything I own in a bag and call it good. I mean I"ll have a washer and dryer I can wash my clothes. But I"m really excited, the only problem is that I lost my damn wallet!!! with all my papers, ID's, credit cards...just about everything!!! :'( the plan was to cancel the trip and just stay home alone, but I decided to go, and take the risk... I'll tell you guys if I make it through or not. But if I finally do, I'll just enjoy it as much as I can! I swear! and we'll have a hell of a good time!(D)(B). talking about cocktails...uhmm
I need to get better with cocktails...I love them, but I'm not very good at it, like making them...ohw :S I'm not the best bartender right now and I know it.... I mean I could be better but I haven't learnt how to make them well...hopefully I'll learn soon,I need to find someone to help me there, most of my friends, the ones that know a bit about the business are never in the mood to teach me.(darn)
it's Queen's day tomorrow! it's like the celebration of the queen's Birthday..the queen Juliana, the one who died a couple of months ago, yes she. Most people have no idea why the go out and have fun and have a long weekend, they just enjoy the party everywhere..I went to A'dam last April 30th... ahaha we had a good time!, its a shame I won't be here this year. but ok, there's still a buch of other queen's day to come!!
Enjoy your vacation everyone!!
I'm sorry for the ones that don't have one...that sucks, hopefully they'll have a break soon! everyone needs one from time to time, right?
Annie I love you!!! tiamooo Julie te quelo!
Well, I'm going to go I need to start packing.

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