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.:Thursday, April 29, 2004:.
Jesus!! Finally I could log-in!!! I don't have a clue what the hell is wrong with the computer, It's suppose to be totally empty for God's sake!!!! And now is crushing every time you open a damn window!! uhmm.. A couple of days ago I saw ... The biggest grossing film in movie history-to be!! (not yet!!) named: "The Passion of the Christ", Gibson's triumph. Isn't? It's clear that nobody saw this as being the moneymaker it's become. But it really did!! It did become a huge deal!! Before watching the movie I read in some newspapers that some people had died after of while watching the movie... That's really insane!
some other paper said, they thought Gibson's proyect was beyond faith of some kinda of stuff like that. But the he just went to far...I don't know, there's just been a huge polemic!... But when I saw it (at a girlfriend's place..He fake DVD..) "fuck you, you fakers!!"...
I don't know, I guess I knew what I was gonna see, that's what I expected!! Some people say the film is just too damn hard, and there's too much blood and violence, and that's not the way it happened and stuff...But I've seen a lot, a lot of these kinda of movies, Jesus movies and I must tell you all the other movies show exactly the same kinda of trouble...Jesus is gone.. and bale blah blah..
I used to get nightmares after watching that kinda of movies..When I was little.. haha.. But that's the way it happened, and this guy just wanted to show the passion of this other guy in his last day of life on this earth!!!!! And I think it's darn good!! Uhmmm... Beautiful movie. Period.


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