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.:Sunday, April 11, 2004:.
I've forgotten about my no-Latin/Spanish speakers that sometimes just visit from time to time... My English is getting worse everyday...

I'm still trying to read more and stuff, time is my enemy though... been pretty busy this days... pppffsss.
Meanwhile, I'm continuing to improve my vocabulary. I'm actively checking the dictionary for unfamiliar words; furthermore, I'm making an effort to even check some familiar words when I'm unclear on the exact shade of the words' meanings. However, I suspect this is insufficient preparation for the GC vocabulary. I'm planning to go through some practice GC tests. In addition, I hope to practise writing an essay every night. I know that it's easier said than done but I'm planning to get started and see how it goes.

I'll see you guys around!! bye! take care!

.:Lo wrote this at: 7:06 AM:.