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.:Monday, May 03, 2004:.
Hey you guys!, today from....Ascov, Denmark!! A very little town somewhere in this beautiful country, I still have no idea where we are extactly ...Somewhere in Denmark anyways, that's important. ooh my God! wat a place! this is simply perfect! I'll tell you guys more about it when I get back home, in Lekkerkerk...But this is so unreal! It's like a fairytale! Copenhage is pretty nice, nice buildings and streets...!! I wanna go back! Maybe tomorrow if we still have time! Danish (native language) is pretty weird, it's a mix between German-Dutch and a bit English... Aha I already know a couple of words like: tak vol mal (thanks for the meal..) and velkommen (Welcome)..and some more. They have very weird letters..ahah and the keyboard is driving me nuts! sorry if you guys see suddently a weird letter haha likæ this ønes! håahå!! uhmm I better gt going now... I think we are gonna make a campfire at the beach or something!! nice!! I'll write soon!!

Hoy desde Ascok, Dinamarca..maniana desde cualquier lugar del mundoooo!! (D)(D)

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