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.:Friday, August 27, 2004:.

Well, this is it... Finally got some time to share with all you guys my holiday on the sunny Spain... Loved it! People, weather, food, cerveza, party, siesta... Amazing!
Barcelona y los alrededores fueron encantadores, cada calle llena de balcones con floresitas me hacia sentir en un proyecto de arquitectura de hace varios años,en una historia mediterranea de los anios 50, cada esquina tiene una historia que contar, la gente con tu acento español tio, joder...que gente para tener buen humor! Eso si que mola! y quedo mas torcido que la leche! Siestas, birra, playa, brisa y mar...

Fueron dos semanitas en las que me senti en un mundo mas como el nuestro..fue rarisimo hablar en español y saber que todo el mundo al rededor te entendia todo!! Estas fueron mis vacas en fotos... tenia muchas mas pero por cosas de la vida se borraron del sistema y tocó con estas.

this one is on the streets of Sitges, lovely town with a multicultural background, amazing people and nice buildings.

Casa Mila (Mila House) also known as La Pedrera (the quarry), is an apartment building situated at Passeig de Gràcia, it is one of his finest and most ambitious creations, extraordinarily innovative in its constructive, and ornamental aspects. I loved it, but it's too damn expensive to get in, I couldn't...Man!

I really liked the urban way of architecture you see in Barcelona, got in love with these street lights... They made me feel like in a weird sort of gothic, bohemian, urban place... Wonderful!

The pic right here..The one of the white guy, toiletman... He sat on the Ramblas, moving kinda funny, awesome! Creativity can lead you anywhere, even the toilet!

Well yeah, this is me, standing kinda weird, and making a silly laugh, it seems just like the way the green guy from behind is laughing, hehehe.. I found him on the Ramblas too! If you like this people you should definitely go there!He had a pretty freaky voice and everything, great way of lifestyle, don't you think??

I could stand on any street or small corner of Barcelona or other nice city on the Mediterranean and get amazed about Every single point of it! The way this people built it is gorgeous, the gothic style amazes me! Little windows, with lots of details... Just judge yourself.(leave a comment!)

..There's absolutely no comment on these 2 pics..They speak by themselves, the only thing I gotta say... Amazing! The music she used with the street-show made it even more beautiful, but it's just damn great to see this kinda thing going on in the streets of Europe!

Sitges'boulevard, with bay, beach, some nice bars, shops and clubs, and a very pretty church behind the pic, from the 17th century (not sure though..) It was kinda windy and cloudy but the rest of the holiday was sunny and darn hot!!!

Bueno y esto fué! Esto fué lo que España me mostró y ahora yo se los muestro a uds, nada compara el verdadero paisaje pero por lo menos a los que nunca han cruzado el charco les queda una idea de como se ve por aqui la cosa! El viejo continente tiene en cada esquina algo que no te deja de sorprender.
well, this is kind of it! If I could I'd put all the pictures I took on this vacation, but time and space won't let me. If you're interested on more pics, don't doubt on contacting me..Somehow. Gracies!-> thanks in Catalan!


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