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.:Friday, September 24, 2004:.

I was wondering... What would you like to say in a foreign language? To someone you just met and looks nice but he speaks like Chinese to you and you don't know what the hell are you gonna say back?? I picked this short sentence hope it'll be useful some day... it might be usefull for you too...
I found it:
a lot of kisses

In German: eine Menge Küsse
In Dutch: veel kusjes
In French: beaucoup de baisers
In Italian: molto baci
In Greek: πολύς φιλά (no idea how to pronunce that one)
In Russian: много поцелуи (this one either)
In portuguese: muito beijos
In Spanish: muchos besos

Now Listening to: me playing "Knocking on heaven's door" with my classic guitar...
I'm actually getting good at this! Bohemian Bar...wait for me.

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