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.:Wednesday, September 22, 2004:.
All the leaves are brown
and the sky is grey
I've been for a walk
on an autumns day...

I just fixed some stuff and changed couple of words, now it sounds more like "California Dreaming" á la Laurita.

E questa volta averi anche un motivo in piu per esser contento...!

After a long day of autumn I couldn't feel more appreciated, my soul has finally reached a stage of happiness which hasn't been this high in quite a long time, specially since I moved out, since I've been gone from my old life, my people, my city, my mountains, but this kind of happiness is not the regular one, is not the one you get from doing a good job, from seeing your soccer team win the game or from watching a good show on TV, is not the kind of happiness you get when you just had a lovely dinner of the feeling that drives you crazy cause is almost weekend.
This is a very special kind of happiness, the deep one, the indescribable one, the one that catches you defenseless but fills you in a fraction of a second of pure adrenaline, it's the unquestionable and indisputable feeling..That's the one.
Thanks to this special person who has given me his affection with no doubt, this guy has given me back my wings, the ones I lost some time ago, the ones I left behind couse my self steem was so low and weak it couldn't hold them anymore. This new friend is somehow more than a friend to me now, who has taken a special place deep inside. There's no more words I can throw out this keyboard to show the gratefulness and the joy that surrounds me. Entre l'art i la poesia has been here and here is where you will find me. The rest is gone with the wind, like the brown leaves from the season....Let's just turn the lights low...Very low.

From Lekkerkerk to this very gezellige person. Period.

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