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.:Sunday, October 17, 2004:.
Daily news...

Woke up this morning, turned the radio on...And heard something kinda peculiar, the pope is getting a brand new formula 1 automobile, from the Ferrari!!! But he hasn't decided which color he wants the car jet!!
A Ferrari for the pope, uhmm I thought.. It can't be for his kids, couse if he has been a good pope he's not suppose to have kids. But what the hell is the pope suppose to do with a Ferrari?? I wonder outloud and I just have the image of the pope in a Ferrari, listening to "Satisfaction" from the Rolling Stones... hehehe...
or to the song I'm listening to right now (see below by "now playing")

this came to my mind: the top 10 of things the pope should do from time to time (or at least once in his life):
10.Get a formula 1 automobile from the ferrari. (Get a red one!!)
9.Go to the walletjes (red street) in Amsterdam and have a one-night-stand!
8.Go ski diving.
7.Run a marathon
6.Have a rollercoaster ride.
5. Go buy a Playboy...
4.Go watch Amores Perros on a cheap movie theater somewhere in Rome's worse ghetto.
3.Go have lunch with Bush, Osama, Hussein, El mono Jojoy, J. Mario Valencia, Jan Peter Balkende, presidente Chávez, 50 cent and let "Laura en America" and Marbelle serve dessert!
2.Ask Mother Teresa on a date (if she still had been alive of course)
1.Climb mount Everest and If he dies trying it, then say hi to Gandhi in heaven from me.
This post was written just and only for the sake of comedy, if you feel somehow irritated by it's content, you are not having enough lol and fun in your life. Take care.

Now PLaying: Highway To Hell (ACDC)

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