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.:Sunday, October 10, 2004:.
Darn crushes...

Don't really know what happened, can't still believe it but it did, and I didn't
expect it to come... I got a bunch of questions with no answer, what's the
difference between love and friendship? And if some one likes you but
somehow and simply the circumstances made it that what, you don't feel
the same about this person... Then what? You don't wanna hurt this
person but you feel you are gonna do it after all if you reject him/her
but..What should you do?
... Is it my fault? Who's fault is it then? Are we suppose to keep on being friends or
is that not gonna happen, are we gonna have these awkward moments over and
over?.. One of the many mysteries that hang around my mind since quite a long

I'll just give it time.

I'm now having this wonderful
experience with this special person, nothing else
matters to me now. Just like heaven. The hell with the rest.

When love is not madness, it is not love. ~Pedro Calderon de la

Now listening to: Knocking On Heaven's Door (U2, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan- Live in LA)


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