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.:Tuesday, October 19, 2004:.
Random Questions:

1. Do you believe in God?Ironically the first question is the hardest to answer.Basically, I believe in God to a point. Being not overly fond of organized religion myself, I have a hard time believing that everything happens because it's god's will. I take things as they come. I'm open to everyone's beliefs and respect them completely.
2. Do you hate your hometown and if so, do you complain about it a lot? My hometown is actually a village so it can be all that bad. I like it a lot though, it's very quiet and peacefull... but I’d give anything to be back where I belong... I miss my city... it’s mountains, climate, commercial schedule, cafés, pubs, food,my soulmate, mijn lieverd, the smell it gives in the morning… ohw!
3. If you had to choose only one, would you rather be touched or kissed? Kissed. I love the soft gentleness of being kissed. The sincerity behind a kiss is so loving and tender that it makes me melt away.

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