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.:Saturday, November 13, 2004:.
And the nominees are...

Okay ladies and gentleman, finally, the European Music Awards!
And this year mtv is going italiano! Roma 2004, seems to be a great place, location and host for the event.
Have a look at the nominees and take your pic. For you Hispanics you can vote here, for you Dutch uhmm unfortunately the Dutch mtv site won't allow me to enter the ema's site... You might wanna try these days, you never know, it might work from a day to another. Otherwise you can vote sending text messages from your cell phone. But I truly recommend the web.
Okay folks this is it..These are the nominees for the European Music Awards 2004:
Best Group:

My pic: definitely,Maroon 5, this guys really know how to get the funk with lovely lyrics and amazing sounds. They were awesome live!

Best Female:

My Pic: after wondering between Alicia and Anastacia, I chose the Soul, pop & funk new diva. Anastacia. She's got a great "black" voice, she's extremely kind, rocked the hole Amsterdam Arena with "Play that funky music white boy.." And loves Holland! Yeah Holland 1- Germany 0!

Best Male:

My Pic: "Let Love Be Your Energy" that says it all. Robbie knows how to entertain me, that's for sure. He is gonna kick this other guys' asses, count on it!

Best New Act:

My Pic: Keane and Maroon 5 are surely my favorites, and they both have done an amazing work this last year. But lovely lyrics, melancholy voice and terrific piano chords go over romantic and irrelevant guitar chords. Keane takes the price... Maroon 5 is not that new either.

Best Alternative:

My Pic: uhmm... me, being a huge fan of alternative, bohemian music, this has become a really tuff choise. Eventhough Franz Ferdinand and Prodigy have great songs and their music fills up the ambiance with alternative sounds, I'll go for the mistic sounds, motioness and meaningful lyrics of Björk.

Best Rock:

My Pic: "Fly away on my Zephyr, I feel it more than ever...and in this perfect weather we'll find a place together flying on my Zephyr, we're gonna live forever" The californication guys still rock my afternoons. RHCP take out terrific guitar, bass and drums effects.. All at once or with their own solo.

Best Pop:

My Pic: Black Eyed Peas we absolutely awesome in Barcelona, their lyrics are pieces of my secret little mind, But "something beautiful will come your way" is everything I gotta say.... I'm just loving angels instead (right now I'm truly loving an angel) and I just wanna rock dj. Robbie takes my breath away, somehow his songs belong to my daily coffee cups and guitar strings.

Best Hip-Hop:

My Pic: Best hip-hop around. Beastie Boys conquered!

Best Album:

My Pic: this choise is between Dido and her white flag, and Outkast and their shake it like a polaroid picture. Outkast is great! their videos are hilarious, lyrics could be perfection, this guys are having the time of their life. But my romatic side wins the battle. Red wine, chimeney, full moon and some songs from this British woman... Amazing evening. My vote goes to Dido and her life for Rent.

Best R&B:

My Pic: uhmm ... No milkshake or confessions for me. Alicia knows how to work that piano, but Outkast and their iced cold business did the right work. Outkast takes it from here.

Best Song:

My Pic: "I'll fix these broken things Repair your broken wings And make sure everything alright My pressure on your hips Sinking my fingertips Into every inch of you Cause I know that's what you want me to do....This love has taken its toll on me She said Goodbye too many times before And my heart is breaking in front of me She said Goodbye too many times before"

This is it guys. Vote now, before it's too late. Leave a comment and let me know what your choises are and who is your favorite! Thanks a lot. Enjoy the Show. Arrivederci!


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