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.:Wednesday, November 24, 2004:.
And the winners are...

This guys left the building just like Elvis, not all of them rocked Rome
like they should've but, this is the European choise (is it?).
The Lucky winners who got awards from Torre Di Valle were:

-Outkast. They surely rocked! Best
Group, Best Song and Best Video for 'Hey Ya'.
-Britney Spears. rocked??? No "making-out" scene with another popdiva,
sorry guys! Best female.
-Usher. playa... Best Album ('Confessions) and Best Male... there you
go Justin.
-D12. Best Hip-Hop at least eminem thinks the same way I do about Bush.
-Maroon 5. Best Newly new!
-Alicia Keys. Best R&B. The
piano takes the lead. I'm just sorry for the cocodrile suit :S
-Muse. These are the European music
arwards... there has to be at least one european band! they took it to the limit
with Best Alternative. (their site is awesome)
-Linkin Park. Not a #1 fan... but they got it rockin'... Best Rock.
-Black Eyed Peas. Elephunk paid
it's dues, that's for sure. Best pop.
-Kane. Na een "klote jaar" voor Kane en
vooral voor Dinand, is deze arward zeker een stimulering is om door te gaan.
Best Dutch & Belgian Act. This guys deserve it. Go Benelux.

Now Playing: Paranoid Android (Radiohead). Best served with: voters that have more taste of music and less american idols.

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