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.:Wednesday, November 24, 2004:.
pieces of me (@ the moment) on music lyrics.

I wanna be a plane, I am a red balloon, I'll never be the sameAnd I'm gone, gone, gone on the wind/ Leave my wings behind me,Drink my worries down the drain And fly away to somewhere new/We sit calmly and quiet alone and in love waiting and counting the days/ Late at night we dream aloud/ But now I'm intoLike a clock/ Carolize understand turn it up christmas jam/ I've closed my eyes and thought of us /cuando simplemente me mojaba...Ringo ya afinaba el tambor de Let It Be mientras todo esto se esfumaba... /I wish that I could flyInto the skySo very highJust like a dragonflyI'd fly above the treesOver the seas in all degreesTo anywhere I please/Oh I want to get awayI want to fly away/I'll just end up walkin'In the cold November rain/A primitive love A room at the Heart... The Heartbreak Hotel /Carolize understand turn it up christmas Jam/Can't you feel the town exploding/ Do you hear my Van Gogh's cry?/Como me duele la ausencia, Como me duele el invierno/ Storms of Northern windsEternal screams of twilight hope Enchanted apparition seek eternal life/ My bed's too big without you/Oh It's you I want you...

Soundtrack & lyrics provied by: Counting Crows /Fito Paez/Wynn Steve/ Trans-Siberian Orchestra/Janet Jackson/ Lenny Kravitz/ Guns n Roses/U2/ Vonda Shepard/ Winter/ Maná/ The Police/P J Harvey

Just Played and currently playing: Instant Karma (John Lennon)/ Sweet Dreams (Tori Amos)/ Come To Me (Björk). Best served with: a good night sleep with dreams about the loved ones (you guys know who you are)

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