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.:Sunday, December 05, 2004:.

It's Mambo Time ladies and gentlemen.
This week is a countdown of sorts. A Musical Countdown of favorites and
So do you think that you're up to it?

3.Artists that have been played these last few
weeks on my jukebox

-Tori Amos
-Lenny Kravitz
-The flyingdutchman
-Sigur Rós
-Julieta Venegas
-Jamie Cullum
-Jethro Tull

2. – Albums recently received/ bought/
Lenny Kravitz- Baptism
Jethro Tull- Thought the Years

1. –right now I recommend:
Stevie Ray Vaughan
The Kinks
The Manhattan Transfer

*for you maniacs in search of good music (cd's & lp's), legally and
cheap, very cheap! "De Plaatboef" is for you! you can give old cd's/lp's & buy brand new or 2nd hand ones,in great shape.
Gezellig to hell!
Where? Rotterdam. Nieuwe Binnenweg 81A
But there's more of these awesome music stores. Apeldoorn, The Hague,Leiden & Haarlem.
for people in Leiden: steenstraat 31
Haarlem: Grote Houtstraat 166.

Now playing: Baba O'Riley (The Who) Best served with: koffie met stroopwafel!


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