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.:Friday, March 25, 2005:.
Gone with the wind.
When Vincent accidentally shot Marvin in the car, he didn't kill him outright. But he could have killed him and all of a sudden he might have been gone... perhaps he is gone all ready, all things go. Boom, it's all gone now. It's how it floats.

JULES: what the fuck's happening?

VINCENT: I just accidentally shot Marvin in the throat.

JULES: why the fuck did you do that?

VINCENT: I didn't mean to do it. I just said it was an accident.

JULES: I' ve seen a lot of crazy ass shit in my time.

VINCENT: Chill out, man, it was an accident, okay? You hit a bump of somethin' and the gun went off.

JULES: The car didn't hit no motherfuckin' bump!!

VINCENT: Look! I didn't mean to shoot this son-of-a-bitch, the gun just went off, don't ask me how! Now I think the humane thing to do is put him out of his misery.

JULES: (cant believe it) You wanna shoot ' im again?

VINCENT: The guy' s sufferin'. It's the right thing to do.

(Marving, suffering though he is, is listening to this debate, not believing what he's hearing.)

JULES: This is really oncool.

(Vincent turns to the backseat, places the barrel of the .45 against Marvin's forhead. Marvin's eyes are as big as saucers. He tries to talk Vince out of this, but when he opens his mouth, only gurgles come out)

JULES: Marving, I just want to apologize. I got nothin' to do with this shit. And I want you to know I think it's fucked up.

VINCENT: Okay, Pontius Pilate, when I count to three, honk your horn.




(Jules presses down hard on the horn: Honk! and Bang!)

(Pulp Fiction)
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