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.:Wednesday, April 20, 2005:.
Enjoy the bitter apple and the bite in the red apple.

Enjoy the soundless wailing while emotion takes to itself the emotionless. Go to the City Of Angels, say to yourself what a wonderful world, we'll visit museums and chat Entre l'art i le subrealisme.
Enjoy traveling, follow the wings, follow what there is to conquer. Be spiritual, your hope will be hope with love, your love will be love with faith. That's your religion.
Which shall be the darkness of God? Perhaps the pope knew, perhaps the German will know. The answer doesn't send us to Sincity. We just get another panorama. The Hague waits, Escher waits, he's not dead for us. 2005 Year of fysics.

Burst, explode, explore...Enjoy pain.
We only live, expire, suspire.
Move like a dancer, dance the pain away, you must move in measure, like a dancer...a dancer in the dark. Enjoy the dance, enjoy the dark.
Feel in the red district xxx fuck the pain away, enjoy colour. She's gone. You're down...giving in, giving up, going low, even lower. Get high, get wings as body and soul begin to fall asunder. Write, my mail is open. Enjoy letters, enjoy the feelin'. [Pedrito el admirante]

She, distant but close, "sick" but beautiful. Going away to the mountains.
Although we are not, I'm always the same with her.
She will arrive, just like in San José, Costa Rica...Fruit, periodicals and business letters.
She's on fire, she's got her fire...candelas. Steadily playing golf, no regrets. Enjoy sport, enjoy fire. Future is among us, Machu Pichu, temple, ruins of the magic. Magnum Imperium Inca. Enjoy traveling. We'll meet again and drink inca cola, enjoy cola. Enjoy Peruvians, all Indian voices under oppression of white skins. Dancers are gone under the hill. San Martin de Porres. Distinguished civil servant. Enjoy the South. Get high, high and dry.
Radiohead, headphones. I miss you (Stones). I enjoy you, always did, always will.

casualties, destiny, white feathers? Subway discloses the gifts. I've met you before. I remember you. Enjoy conversations, enjoy company...
Enjoyed solitude when he left. Boston, another shore, like when I left my body on a distant shore and came with mind, soul, spirit and shells.
You where never there, you never had me. You didn't WIN me. You left. Boston. Enjoy traveling.
Those eyes, the eyes of a familiar compound ghost both intimate and unidentifiable. Enjoy eyes, no less, no more. We'll meet again, Rotterdam or Boston or just another subway but that's it. Your friend took care of the rest.

Miauwww... Vanilla smell on a Winters afternoon, in a secluded city. History is now and Bogotá. Enjoy the city streets, enjoy Bogotá. Will you drink my tea in the afternoon? Himalaya Mist Single Estate Tea. thé délicat et parfumé de l'après-midi. Himalaya, where the last of earth is left to discover. Tea and cigarettes. Miauwww...
Thai, tofu, tea-cups. History is a pattern, an Asian recipe. Enjoy cooking.
Tragedy from legs or tea leaves apprehend the point of intersection of greencurry, kroepoek and green wasabi.
People change, and smile. But dark coffee stays dark. Noir, from which the purpose break will be, only when it is fulfilled...If at all.
Purpose of eyes and legs... Coffee with blue eyes, freckles and four legs.
Draw me in Negative, black is White and white is Black.
Draw me in all shades of red.
Here, the intersection of the timeless moment. Bogotá and nowhere. Enjoy red.
Let's play low notes... Black. Ultranoir. Low.
These things have served their purpose: let them be. No regrets.
20 Seconds. First, the sexual friction of reserved senses. Later, fear of motives late revealed. No regrets. Miauwww...

Italia, dreams of streets I've never walked into. Laura,laure,laurel. Julius Cesar.
We only live, only suspire. Survive or die trying. Enjoy it.
Every word is at home, send me some of my country. Mi casa su casa.
Red Red Wine, of pure grapes from a desolated Italian town. Little Italy near Naples, Napoli. Blood into wine, red red wine, dripping blood with Gnocci di Fantasie d'Antunno. Enjoy wine.
Send me Colombia in the smell of grapes on the antunno (autumn) table, through the April dooryard.
Coin Operated Boy. Enjoy reading. La invito a bere il caffè. Que Paila, not Colombian but Italian coffee.

L'auberge dans Paris ou Amsterdam? The complete consort dancing together.
Un beau jour d'avril. Moi, je te trouve trés beau. Pourquoi? why not?
when the underground train (U-Bahn), in the tube, stops too long between stations and the conversation rises and slowly fades into silence. Not the stillness of the violin, while the note lasts. Not that only, but the inner freedom from practical desire. Body motion, slow rotation of burned tongues. Ecstasy. Enjoy violins.
Red and White... Pink, like rabbits, like lovers, like gypsies, we dance in circles. The complete consort dancing together.
Ecstasy. Orgasms reconciled among the stars with the drawing of this feeling and the voice of this calling. Moving up slowly, massive attack, enjoy the silence, condition of complete simplicity... Moving up slowly, when the tongues in wine are in-folded. Enjoy eyes, meet me at the station, let's have some expresso and kisses to go. Enjoy caffeine.

Come to me...

Malagueña Salerosa. Start me up! Es el perfume de las madreselvas, son los primeros besos de la primavera, como ejercicios inexactos de amor a la intemperie. Teatro Gitano. Rancheras mexicanas. guey. Fideos del oeste. Tarantino y cantina de Pancho de medio peso à la Changón.
Negra Modelo en la billetera. Guadalajara, Jalisco.Mexico. What is it with Jalisco that has made tequila so famous? Sierra Tequila- Sunrise- Margaritas- Bull- Lemon.
Puro. 38% Sangre mexicana.

"I'm sitting in the corner of a cantina listening to the song I requested (Malagueña Salerosa) Now they are serving me tequila and my thoughts find their way to you"

She cooks and like me, drinks tequila. I wrote in het closet "Water is to be employed, tequila to be enjoyed" I'm not an alcoholic. I'm the malagueña salerosa. I enjoy shots. Salud!Por mi mamá y la tuya también! I enjoy tequila with lemon, swing and guitars. Orale.


Children in the apple-tree. Enjoy the bitter apple and the bite in the red apple.

Now playing: Malagueña Salerosa (Changon)- Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down (Nancy Sinatra)- Battle without Honour (Tomoyasu Hotei)- Woo Hoo (The 5 6 7 8s)- Flamenco Diablo-The Lonely Shepherd (Zamfir) Best served with: Tequila, pure.


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