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.:Thursday, June 09, 2005:.
Our one and only Gothic Lady.
La Moixeta- Notre Dame de Paris

There's a zillion cathedrals in whole Paris and all the roads end up here, La Cathedrale de Notre Dame, its persona dominates the Gothic landscape, among the other amazing structures which embody Gothic style. Rose windows of stained glass, ornately crafted spires, the Gargoyles. Each is distinctly Gothic, and all distinctly Notre Dame de Paris.

Quasimodo, has served the notoriety of the cathedral well and his soul still hangs around the walls... Yet, factual history has claimed this aged lady as a prominent figure near the center stage of its own story....

Just remember, that's "Our Lady"... but Paris, Paris must be seen as the 'World Ambassador of Gothic Cathedrals'. Lead your road and fine the Gargoyles from other mountains than the colossal towers of the church, that city has even more Gothic universes... This is just the 'must-visit' one.


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