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.:Monday, August 15, 2005:.

Heavens Above.
Birds Below.

Walking Life.
Road to Glory.
The worlds revolve like ancient men.
Ancient places.

I wanna fly away
Moixeta with no strings attached.
I want to be your Asthenia
your Benelux Tunnel.
I'm your Karma Police
in the corner of the LowLands.
-Hoek van Holland-

I'm leaving
My soul stretched tight across the skies that fade behind a cityblock...
The conscience of a blackened street impatient to assume the world.
I'm leaving,
becomming a rhapsody in a lunar synthesis
a serenade in your guitar
the exctasy of a Belgian chocolate
between your lips and your lust.
your libido in the Benelux
The smell of red wine and eau de Cologne.

It's a fernweh with no destination
Road tripping shaked into red peppers...
Road to Glory.
Glory in my wings.
Moixeta going high and dry.

Today Benelux, tomorrow an expert beyond experience.

.:Lo wrote this at: 5:25 AM:.