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.:Tuesday, August 30, 2005:.
Lost soul in living time.


I've been dropping soul for









2 Years now.

2 years dissolving the floors of memory... Spaces of the dark midnight.
2 years being the spectator of this play where you all belong. It's been an amazin' rollercoaster ride where love declares war and I laugh at your faces giving up the secrets of my skeleton.
Neither fear nor courage saves us. This is not heroism but a device to whisper ambitions and guide vanities.
2 years, and this has given me a lot, this place finds itself involved. Thanks to immortality.
This wall has made me suffer and has taken lots...But I control the skull beneath the skin by making gestures of orang-outang.
I'm the one who found no substitute for sense to clutch and penetrate... To keep your metaphysics warm and your libido screaming for mercy as you come back for more and more...

and more...


Observing that hysteria might easily be misunderstood I leave you with my 101 things and four wax candles.

Dit is géén experiment, maar jullie zijn wél mijn proefkonijnen.

y para ustedes, los que esperan en D mineur y fobia a alguna clase de Asthenia-express. Les dejo una piedra en el bolsillo.110 monosegundos y contando. El tornillo de Cortazár al principio de Rayuela. El universo alrededor de un objeto. 2 años siendo cada uno su propia suerte y yo una titiretera, una espectadora viendolos a todos enfocar las escenas de este lugar.
2 an~os y seguimos rodando. Luces, cámara, acción.

Just like a RollingStone.

Now Playing: Wax and Wane (Cocteau Twins)- WilderWein (Rammstein)- China (Tori Amos)- Fast as you can (Fiona Apple)- Fix Me (Coldplay). Best served with: Daydream martini. Salute!

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