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.:Sunday, October 09, 2005:.

Exit Music [For A Film]

Because that common Dutch folks' song about redheads has not been proved but is definitely been seen before.

Turkish Delight.

"meisjes met rooie haren,
die kunnen kussen,
dat is niet mis,
meisjes met rooie haren,
kunnen je zeggen,
wat liefde is, ja ja ja"

Called in turn a Dutch Love Story, a horrible mess of tastelessness, and great art, Turkish Delight was made by a filmmaker dedicated to the concept of shock. And it does... it shocks.

This insistence on in-your-face, blunt depictions of all kinds of activity (some not so 'shocking', just unexpected) does make Turkish Delight fascinating. It starts with full frontal male nudity & masturbation and goes on from there - and the really 'shocking' thing is that with all the 'nasty' content, the film never seems exploitative or less credible than any other intimate romance. Just more honest ... ? And certainly more messy. But that's what love and relations are all about. Crazyness, madness and hard stuff. Where lovemaking comes before worrying about trashing egos and expectations, because the best to do under such circumstances is: to expect the unexpected.

Expect sex and violence, melody and silence. Art into taboos which pays off in consuming desire, redheads that are said -by dutch- to be the best kissers ever and a tic of bohemian anarchy.

Now Playing: You Do Something To Me (Brooke Bartlett)- Best served with: a turkish delight.


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