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.:Sunday, December 25, 2005:.

In search of a Christmas some place else, afterall germans created the christmas tree.
In search of the secrets of the Rein, that crashed into my mind waiting to hop on the first train to the wild wild east.Taking nothing but great company and a hopeful little bit of hallucination auf Deutsch, we will walk away for a couple of days into the ghostly daze of Cologne...
and I will dance on broken beerglasses and barefoot phonograph records of nostalgic European 1930's German jazz finishing with the specialty of the house: Kölsch.

Meine lieben Freunde, ich reise auf dem folgenden Zug nach Deutschland ab.
My dear friends, I'm leaving... taking the next train to Germany.
a ver si los alemanes sacan la cara por los holandeses en estas epocas.
Conquest of Cologne.

Tip for the traveler: Bus en alemán? subanesdrujenbajen.

Now Playing: Tenderly (Chet Baker)- Le Ragazze (Neri Per Caso)- Du Hast (Rammstein)- Fix You (Coldplay) Best Served with: Kölsch.

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