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.:Sunday, February 26, 2006:.
Blanc i negre.
La vie en noire et blanche.

"What was the world like, Dad, when you were little and the world was black and white?"
-Young son of a friend after watching a black and white movie on TV.

This is a bit of what the title of this blog is about. A reference to Lo's state of mind and soul being Entre l 'art i les fotografies en blanc i negre.

Black is the negation of color, serious and conventional, mysterious, sexy and sophisticated.

Black as in Noir or Schwarz. Ultranoir, krankschwarz, diese Farbe drückt die Idee des Nicht aus, Melancholie und Mangel des Lebens.

Formal as a Black tie, expert as a black belt, succesful as Blackwash, agent as men in Black, equipment as a black box and dark as night as pitch black, als de zwarte nacht.

Unconscious as Black out and out of light as Blackout, but perhaps as damage in a Black eye or evil like a Black-hearted...
A scoundrel? Blackguard?

the outcast from your family! Black sheep!
illegal, like a black market. Or letal, like a black mamba.

Political as in blackmailing with the enemies you got on a blacklist.

A scoundrel? Blackguard?

This is my darling, my old jazz guitar.

It's all black, ebony, jet, ink, atrus,fuscus.
Agony, night, nacht, charcoal, fade,niger, negro,preto, sable.

and tell me, how dark is your black?

If you ask me, I'm a mix between these people.

and a bit of her...

"Nous sommes alors repartis et nous nous sommes mis à marcher dans la neige. La cité était toute blanche, à présent, et la neige continuait à tomber comme si elle n'allait jamais s'arrêter"
-Paul Auster.

My sweethear, my favourite lighter.

But white...
White, the ultimate light, purity, cleanliness and innocence.

Light my fire.

And is the nature of white to be blinding to the human eye.

As in the west for bride and in the east for funerals, this is the colour of royalty and dieties.

Blanche comme la dame, wit als de witte brug, WeiB zu Schnee.

Tournée Du Chat Noir.

Le blanc représente la force, la lumière, la vie, la sagesse et le divin. Une nuance opaque et laiteuse.

My darling, my guitar. Vol II

White as the driven snow, pure clean, innocent. White elephant, rare valuable but perhaps unwanted...

The white knight, to the rescue... white list and white sale.
Pearly white, like a colgate laugh.

Whitewash to conceal or whiteout as in zero or nothing at all.

Tuba& flute.

Surrender with a white flag or fall asleep under the white lightning... the moonshine or even an illegal whiskey.

Blanco, punto, pearl, antique white, snow white, chalk, milk white, lily, cream, linen, ghost white, beige, cornsilk, alabaster, paper, whitewash, albus.

Pianissimo. Das ältes Klavier.

Do you lie white? white lies?

Are you painted? in black?

Le cinèma du filmnoir.


Denken zu Schwarz, zu Schwarskoft.

Lo en blanc i negre.

Self Portrait in B&W.
Blogowner, the one behind the camera and between black and white.

Selfportrait in B&W II.

"Le pré serait beau sous la neige, se dit-il, et il espérait qu'elle tomberait toute la nuit et qu'à son réveil, le lendemain, il le verrait ainsi. Il imagina cette immense étendue immaculée, et la neige continuant à tomber jusqu'à ce que tout disparût sous une avalanche de blancheur" -La Musique du hasard.

"Jacinto... los días de la semana son: Grises"

All pictures by Laura Beltrán. Lo

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