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.:Friday, February 17, 2006:.

Victory here.
Neuken in de Keuken.

Let me put it like this. Let me underline it with red because everything is bursting like a shot of tequila through my brains and it demands to get out, to get away...

I got a movie for 5.99, a job for persistence and I lost my family for who knows how long.
Lucas called and came out of nowhere with a nostalgic European army, I stood before him, speechless and intelligent and shaking with shame, as he recreated his journey to Lekkerkerk, drinking a cup of coffee and handing me some tobacco... With the hart on my hand I left him there, in Gouda, with what was left to say, because angels come in time after death and I'm not dead yet, there's still more to come.
and it came, time, and we finally got together, Absinthe, Red Wine & Martinis. We resurrected dreams of journeys on the highways across Europe, talked about natural ecstasies, generations of endless Neuken in de Keuken and monologues of saintly motorcycles and sweetened bike seats. We sank in between a bottle of champagne, a package of cigarettes and local beer cans and we faded out in Colombian movies and lots of clair-obscur photographs...

Suddenly I saw my life passing through my human diaphragm and fading away with the rails of a train with no destination at all.
Here, the intersection of the timeless moment where I had an Amsterdamer, sipped a caipirinha, got a job, played the sexiest song ever, had a strange deja vu, saw my family collapse and prayed for each other's salvation from Petra's home to a lonesome Buddha.
Here, in my praying mind, where I woke up electrified out of the coma in order to get away from here and get victory from behind. Victory, in red.
Here, there, elsewhere, where Never and Always meet and victory is no longer a desire but a certain fact.

"We might aswell be fucking life in the kitchen..."

Now Playing: Amores perros (Por que la vida es madre y es perra) Best served with: Absinthe, Red Wine and Martinis.

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