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.:Tuesday, March 28, 2006:.
Back to 1969.

This is the story of a young fellow who's heritage is unknown. -notice his peculiar way of talking- and this is why you should never trust your older brothers, specially on these matters:

"So as for Clumsy One -my little brother-, who I never dub Clumsy One but always Little Igor, he is a first-rate boy. It is now evident to me that he will become a very potent and generative man, and that his brain will have many muscles. We do not speak in volumes, because he is such a silent person, but I am certain that we are friends, and I do not think I would be lying if I wrote that we are paramount friends. I have tutored Little Igor to be a man of this world. For an example, I exhibited him a smutty magazine three days yore -smutty..-, so that he should be appraised of the many positions in which I am carnal. "This is the sixty-nine," I told him, presenting the magazine in front of him. I put my fingers -two of them- on the action, so that he would not overlook it. " Why is it dubbed sixty-nine?" he asked, because he is a person hot on fire with curiosity. " It was invented in 1969. My friend Gregory knows a friend of the nephew of the inventor" "What did people do before 1969?" " Merely blowjobs and masticating box, but never in chorus." He will be made a VIP if I have a thing to do with it...."

(Everything is Illuminated)

This is him, a boy from a little town between Poland and Ukraine if I'm correct, for whom 1969 was a terrific year.

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