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.:Thursday, March 09, 2006:.
From Dusk til Dawn.

This winter we're living in is turning into a loop of nuances of gray and white.
This winter is smoking itself in the supernatural darkness of march...
and I wonder around and around at midnight, wondering where to go, and went, burning with purity the burden of life. Wondering why this winter seems so long, so lost, so sublime...
of course, I skipped four weeks of last winter's moons, sucking up the lemon of a caipirinha down in paradise, seeking jazz or eternity or sex or holywater in my homecity. A place that will never get to know a winter like this and it's heart will never run on the cold impulse of winter mindnight street light smalltown rain.

This winter has faded out in vast sordid celluloid pictures, not the best of this season, not what I wish I could show. -my fingers still lack of courage when it comes to providing full manual exposure control at these temperatures- But what's left behind, snow balls as heavy as the moon and hotfugde or Scotch that runs through our bodies and minds as the electricity of our senses and the hydrogen of our own zeppelin.

Anyhow, as I sink into the roaring winter dusk of Zuid-Holland, I'll whisper facts and memories and anecdotes and coffee spoons and shocks and diafragmas from a caribbean dawn.

In my dreams you walk freezing from an alley...

Wheels and bikes and couches where we are lovers in the dirty snow.

visions of the perfect death and spectral ghosts from angelic cementeries.

Heaven which exists and resurrects into poverty.

the only way to build a structure of time without vanishing into oblivion.

Where I can feel the madness of our odyssey...
sit on a bench and listen to the intoxication on a jukebox.

smog from rides on benzin...

This is where I'm obssesed with angels and I can feel their hands moving to the center... of the flesh.

Now Playing: Dizzy Atmosphere (Keith Jarret)- Driven Like The Snow (Sisters Of Mercy)- Who is it (Björk)- Niet of Nooit Geweest (Acda en de Munnik) Best served with: Wilder Wein.


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