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.:Monday, May 15, 2006:.

What shall we do with the drunken sailor, early in the morning.

I said to my soul that time wouldn't run but that it would sailed and it did.

Before I knew it, my love for the sea had overtaken me completely, I saw Eternity outside of time on a horizon over the north sea, I became a truly sailor as I drank national beer, smoked a package of cigarettes and copulated ecstatic one of Piet de Groot's best paintings while listening to a local jukebox.

I wondered for seven days and nights with brilliant eyes my marine state of happiness.
I'm a sailor, the one who vanished into nowhere at sea, the one who howled to infinity the task of being Colombian, with dreams and waking nightmares, alcohol, cunt and art... Living hungry for adventure, committing no crime but being a sinner with style.
I'm the one who hit on the captain, very Dutch, very cute, with very blue eyes... Lovely Colgate smile and great sense of humor... I bought him a drink -Guinevere coke- at a local pub in a tiny island as he told me about his Achilles heel with red heads.
We smoked some puros from La Havana which were brought by a friend of his from a trip to Cuba and as we burned cigarettes with narcotic tobacco haze of capitalism, we declared our destinations to a sailor song.

I'm a sailor who played smoke on the water as I felt the fire in the skies, the one who seek visionary angels in my own insanity...

I'm a drunken sailor who journeyed over seas, who died over seas, who came back to live over seas and found out that the sea was only made for heroes, fortune seekers and lovers who sing blues and folk to Guantanamo, a perfect Guantanamera.

And before I knew it, I was back at the old harbor, De oude Haven in Rotterdam.

The illumination of a soul in each harbor.

Expect pictures some time soon.

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