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.:Sunday, June 25, 2006:.

Orange made juice.

This is the time to talk about soccer.

The Dutch.

Fala portugues?

The portuguese.

Orange made juice.

00:00 0-0
The dutch have been known for beeing a strong team but never enough to take the cup to the lowlands and crap! it happens again.
Strangely laboured opening, shit, Van Bommel... and Ronaldho, filho, you must be considered doubtful honey, after limping of with that injury.
Not working... yellow.
yellow and the russian is getting on my nerves.
Maniche, the one moment of real quality. Ball past Van der Sar. it's 1 for them nada for us.
Costinha!! Rojo. over. done.
it's now 10 agaisnt 11.

45:00. Break.
Boulahrouz... paid his dues. yellow+yellow. out.

and Ivanov is going to make me drink more vodka than usual, the referee, throwing cards around like confetti.

Van Basten never shied away from taking difficult decisions, but he saved the thoughest for the biggest, leaving Van Nistelrooy unwanted by his country.

God. Van der Vaart? nee!
Yellow... Figo, will get the Fifa as hangover after today's party.
Boulahrouz... red. gone.

10 against 10.

Robben, van Persie threatening onle fitfully with no luck at all. God.


Deco... red. Gone.

Van Bronckhorst... young, short fellow from Capelle. minute 90'. red gone.

9 to 9 men.

6 extra minutes. Fuck they must have given 15!

Remaining of this grudge night?
Nine men as 16 yellow cards and four red ones were brandished.

Portugal drinking porto, looking forward to an even greater grudge match against England,for us the dutch...

is over now.

See you in 2008.

Dit is nou voetballen jongens. Balen!


.:Lo wrote this at: 4:57 PM:.