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.:Sunday, June 18, 2006:.

Pulp Fiction

The Book of Revelations...

I've been amazingly into a particular blog these last few days... Observing that those who live just only one reality would sometimes disappear and those who believe in June 6th, 2006 will never be salvageable. (for you, non Spanish readers, use this, is worth it)
I've repeated this observation numerous times while drinking Himalayas best tea, stealing a glance of the faces of the moon, having a Colombian peche and writing a kind of list of revelations.

The end of the world has come often you know, and it continues to often come. Unforgiving, unrelenting, bringing darkness upon darkness, the end of the world is something we have become well habitualized with, made into a ritual. It's our religion to try to forget it in its absence, make peace with it when it is undeniable, and return its embrace when it finally comes for us, as it always does.

There has yet to be a human being to survive a whole lot of history without at least one end of the world. It is the subject of extensive fake debate whether stillborn babies are subject to the samen revelations...
if we could say that they have live without endings. This debate, of course, demands a close examination of that more profound question: Was the world first created of ended? When the Lord our God... Or my own god breathed on the universe, was that a genesis or a revelation? Should we count those seven days forward of backward? How did the apple taste, Adam? And the half a worm you discovered in that sweet and bitter pulp: was that the head or the tail?

Darling... It was fiction.

Pulp Fiction.

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