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.:Wednesday, July 19, 2006:.
Scandinavian Vikings and Vodka made Caipirinha.

Post at it's best while listening to:
Porcelain (Moby)- I Miss you Now (Stereophonics)- Angst macht frei (UltraNoir)-I'm Free (The Who)

(piece of text written at a train somewhere in the north of Finland)

The sight of the pine forrest is not exactly what made thousands of photographers go mad by making perfect postcards and reflecting in sweetened snatches millions and millions worth in wood, it's not. This is my last stop from a journey across Scandinavia.

S c a n d i n a v i a.
where I found myself in search of the midnight sun, and I found it. The sun, sleepless above it all.
Where Russia talks to me and invites me for supper.
Where Vikings somehow made me all look red when I was born "uy, salió vikinga!"
S c a n d i n a v i a, where you believe you can't get any further, where heaven seems next door, where no soul lives and if they do, they certainly should never die ungodly, drinking vodka from the same immortal bottle that sends messages to oblivion and ends up being the sour lemon in a caipirinha.


Hamburg, Deutschland.

Worldcup. Brasil-France. Caipirinhas a votre sante!

Fan Fest Hamburg.

Kobenhavn. Denmark.

Little Mermaid. Lego Land. Tak vor touren. Lars von Trier and Hans Christian Andersen.

Dannish Art.

Stockholm, Sweeden.

Ikea, ABBA, Blonds and Vikings.

Vasa's Kindom. Vasa's Ship at the Vasa Museum.

At The Swedish-Danish Oresund Consortium, a 10 mile bridge-tunnel, one of the largest infrastructure projects in European history that connects the Danish capital Copenhagen to the Swedish port of Malmö.

Transport... Cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki (17 hour trip). Viking Line!

Suomi, Finland.


Lo in the finnish Navy.

Savonlinna, Finland.

North of Finland. (Oulu)

Arquitecture in Helsinki.

Central Station, Helsinki.


I'm an Easy Rider...

Seeking the midnightSun.

(Finland, at 01:05 hours)


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