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.:Monday, October 09, 2006:.
Vent Du Rêve

I have been dreaming about loosing my dreams.
I'm afraid of loosing my dreams you know...
... are you afraid of them dying?
I am afraid of them living...
Life is scarier than death you know...

In my dream, spring came after summer, came after fall, came after winter, came after spring.

I made breakfast, I tried to make it delicious.
I wanted to stay in the memory of those I left back.
Don't cry, I said by putting my fingers on my face and pushing imaginary tears up my cheeks and back into my eyes.
I tried to notice everything, because I wanted to be able to remember it perfectly.

I' ve forgotten important things in life you know...

I went back to my studio and sat on the sofa waiting...
waiting for what?
I lit up a cigarrette.

I can't remember the last thing my father said to me.

I wrote a note and taped it against the window.

My window is made up of post-its.

In my dream, painters separated green into yellow and blue
Brown into the rainbow.

I asked people what time it was, and each person pointed at the clock on the wall.

It's better to lose than never to have had.
I lost something I never had you know...

In my dream people apologized for things that were about to happen and lit candles by inhaling.
Climax came after the warming up.
I was avant-garde before drinking wine so much.
The alphabet went z,y,x,w...
My dream went all the way to the begining.
first darkroom then shooting your best shot.
drunk before celebrating eternity with Suyd Afrikaans Wyn.
The rain rose into the clouds, and the animals descended the ramp.
two by two. two sinners, two killers, two whores.
Two saints, two angels and two gods.
First kids, then sex.
The rain came into the rainbow.

At the end of my dream, Eve put the apple back on the branch.
The tree went back to the ground. It became a sapling , which became a seed.
God brought together the land and the water, the sky and the water, the water and the water, evening and morning, something and nothing.

He said, let there be light
And there was dark.

and somehow I was back, back into town.
home sweet home.

La ciudad de la furia.

.:Lo wrote this at: 12:44 PM:.