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.:Friday, October 20, 2006:.
Zu Kolumbien.

I’m leaving,
I’m leaving you with an iron heart pierced in your chest.
I will follow the spring current,
In the slow wave wash of October wind.

I’ll miss you
I’ll put myself in bed, lie there
I’ll get up
Light a cigarette, won’t smoke it
I’ll watch the smoke.

I’ll enjoy without you…
lying in bed like you,
I’ll write something beautiful on a napkin
then do some thing unspeakable behind it.

I’ll make some cappuccino
won’t drink it,
I’ll smell it for you.

I’ll start at the city of lights… just to let myself go through the currents.
I promise I’ll dream out loud
I promise to awake the mountains with memory
and to gather autumnal blossoms when I get back.

for the rest of you...

Get ready tu rumble.

.:Lo wrote this at: 8:07 AM:.