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.:Sunday, November 19, 2006:.
Time Travel

So much to do, so little time.

From here to here.

Time travelling: aprox. 30 hours.

Time difference: 6 hours.

Jetlag: aprox. 4 or 5 hours.

Sleep: aprox. 3 hours.

Time spent back home: never enough.

Time goes by so abruptly, doesn't it? I can still smell the aroma of the coffee aftenoons, the anise-flavoured liqueur after 12 or the flagship red wine at nights.
I can still feel a touch of color, a faint, a citrusy light or a burst of acidity made by the city itself. The feeling of parched earth when the first raindrops soak it and the fact that you still leave a part of my history as I do in yours, I still leave my legacy in front of your eyes, infront of my home place.

Thanks to you, to all of you.

Hasta la vista.

.:Lo wrote this at: 10:03 AM:.