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.:Wednesday, January 24, 2007:.
Für Lucasito

He has endured much to reach this place in time
and yet we haven’t gone through all that still has to come.
There are so many drinks to be drunk, as the warm magic pours through our veins and mellows our voices… even if we fall.
and yet he still teaches my blood to get up again.

We met in the perfect setting, we had the necessity of recognition and involvement, don’t ask me why… we were just making up a living away from what we used to call home.
Just as he proved devotion to God or sold his soul to the devil.
We both, city fools, mocking everyone, seeking tragedy and following in this unique world one place to another.

Now. Isn’t marvellous? two years later, 22 years above it all.. and what’s that echoing clicking noise? the memory of our mechanisms, perhaps, meshing and cranking our way to the theatre.. and again here we are.

It’s time, it’s your birthday, now and all-ways, to rally behind and joyously defend the greatest forces of human nature… love, fear, habit.
Let’s grasp weapons and armor from the infinite store of our subtle reactions; disgust, delight, impatience, confusion, desire, judgement… cos this is the time, and this is the place things have to happen.
there’s to much wine that still has to run through our veins and cheers we have to make, there’s a hell of things that life has to put in our way… just as life itself put us in each others road.

but today,

It’s your birthday.

Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag.

.:Lo wrote this at: 11:58 AM:.