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.:Wednesday, February 07, 2007:.
Keep walking...

I have walked into the world of my craziness,of my solitude and of my heart that I left somewhere downtown as the lucky winner price for you.

I have walked into the world of my imagination with a bright smile on my face and realized how much is still hidden from me and how much is still to come for us.

I have walked through the vast caverns of my mind, searching for missing parts of my soul and discovered whole civilizations unknown to everyone but me, yet still holding their arcane secrets close.

I have walked in a deserted park, and picked a vermilion tulip as I photographed the loneliest color of the city.

I have walked through the valley in the shadow of your fear, striving to reach the other side, where I will be safe and loved. I can see the blue eyes of yours lighting up the way, waiting for me, but I cannot find it within me to stand any longer.

I have walked quickly through this world, playing my soul as a joker, catching all opportunities to grow and become a better daughter, a better lover, a better writer, a better person.

I have walked silently through my own life, watching the world around me slide by confused dali’s dreams and freud’s egos.
And answered the ever present call of my soul to fly, to return to my own world, the safest place I know.

I have walked a night through all kinds of cities, even places of my own invention, watching my creation sleep a slumber filled with dreams, pregnant with horror
and questioned whether of not it is right for me to force my creations through your live.

I no longer walk through the valley of shadows
living in my heart shines a blue light, a beacon to show me the way.
I can see clearly what I must do and where I must go.
but right now, I can’t walk alone, I need you to fumble against the humming blood in our throats…

move softly, do not move at all, but hold me.
Deep, still, deep within you, while time slides away,
And all moments collapse in our mortal, timeless flesh.



.:Lo wrote this at: 1:02 PM:.