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.:Saturday, February 24, 2007:.


Hoeveel au Paris rennen nu door Parijs?
Hoeveel zielen spreken de benkende parisian?
In een paar uur passeren we Brussel, Lille, Noord-Frankrijk.
Waarom so snel? Waarom zo razend naar Parijs?
Waarom bang om tijd te verliezen?
Welke tijd? Welke tijd verlies je? leeftijd?

Imagining Paris.

We all know this city is suffused with light, and it lives with it's own shouting french narratives.
Every one screams for attention, it's all decadence in gorgeos buildings.
A lightbulb pops in the subway and someone is there to record it, knowing that small tragedies are metaphors for the larger ones... and suddenly the subway grows a memory or two.. who knows, after all the wine and mojitos I acctually revealed a row of bottles (of memories), in between chatelet and telegraphe. Recording this city as: obscene, pornographic, scandalous, irreverent, malicious, malignant and magnificent.

Les 2 Moulis. Amelie's cafe

Les 2 moulins.

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