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.:Friday, March 23, 2007:.
Death as a hidden reality.

Our mistake -perhaps is not even a mistake- is not wanting to see who and what we truly are. It is living in the delusion of our grandeur and the imposition of our omnipotence. It is neglecting to acknowlegde the "reality" of our origins and the truth behind our behaviors or the ones from people around us. Why is it that we keep thinking our immortal-ich is the one that handles whether we die or not?
It is living in the delusion that we are something we are not. Thinking outselves placed on this planet through the hands of our metaphysical idol. We believe in the façade of the magnificence of our civilization and the perfection of our existence. Why do we keep playing god untill we fail and end up in heaven or hell?

We fail to understand where we come from, what we once were and how evolution works. Thinking ourselves immune to the same laws of nature, encapsulating the rest of the animal's world we are, in essence abandoning an enourmous chunk of information that can allow us to better understand the human condition and the fact that death chases us at all times and before we know it, our world could collapse into ashes.

Damnit, it's so complex to realize he is not among us...

Eventhough he is gone, we will still carry on believing we own control of our destinies, continuing to dance alongside humanity's unsustainable desires, animalistic passions and our voracious inability to understand the complexity of who and what we truly are that has scarred us during out entire time on Earth.

Robert Krebs.
Feb. 16 1989- March 18. 2007



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