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.:Wednesday, August 22, 2007:.
Para Jules.


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.:Saturday, August 18, 2007:.
Para el interesado o el que todavia lea este blog.

Ruinerwoldstraat 66
2541PS Den Haag.

Fuck bel rosita, estoy estrenando!!!

y recuerde, mi casa, su casa!

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.:Tuesday, August 07, 2007:.
Pilsner Trip

I don't exactly know what possessed me in The Czech Republic. but, possessed I was.
Was it the architecture? the three of a kind architectonical periods all in the same city, same neighbourhood, same old-eastern-european soul that lies beneath the streets of Prague.
Was it the wonderful gestronomic experience of international meals for less than a coffee back home?
or perhaps the feeling of oblivion in the middle of a square, making allusions to middle ages and baroque, avoiding urbanism and enyojing local beer.

I still don't know... but tried to capture it in pictures.

This is us. Peter and I... conquering the Cesky Republiky! Na Zdravi!


Best beer in town! Salute!

Telc. ft. Peter

Cesky Krumlov nearby Vienna.

Cesky Krumlov

Olomouc, Student's town. (Nearby Slovakia)

Amadeus had some coffee here.


Kutna Hora, Bone Church (yes... Church made out of bones)

Praha, Juden Viertel. (Jewish Neighbourhood)

Praha, Charles's V Brigde.



Regalito de cumpleanhos pa' Germnan.


Praha, Tower Clock.

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