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.:Tuesday, April 01, 2008:.
Lucid Dreams

So, time changed, spring came or at least is doing it’s best to do so…

Don’t ask me why I’m writing again on this blog, a couple of months ago, I decided to write for myself and forget about writing poor poetry and daily life stories on a weblog. But anyhow, the chapter isn’t finished, not yet.

Wake up, make coffee, have a fag, go work… aim for 2,3 kids. Bah, where does your responsibility begin? Here? Wiping away the nebula from your sight, struggling to find where you really are. You’re trying to find the direction of the flow, but not to follow it. You struggle to hold on to the axis of time but not to space. You can’t separate dream and reality, over even the boundary between what’s real and what’s possible…

It isn't time to make dreams possible, but to make them real.

.:Lo wrote this at: 4:51 AM:.